As the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in the Michiana region, MACOG is responsible for producing a 20-year long-range transportation plan which is updated every four (4) years. The Michiana on the Move: 2045 Transportation Plan will serve as this long-range transportation plan and will identify current conditions of the regional transportation network, assess future travel needs, and establish priorities that will inform policies and transportation projects, so that our region can better plan investments and growth for our transportation system.



Planning Process

How We Grow

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Land use, development, and even where we choose to live, can have a significant impact on how we move and utilize our transportation network.


Through September, MACOG will be asking for input on "How We Grow" in the future. Take a few moments to provide your thoughts on future development now!


How We Move

This fall we will be working on identifying various transportation issues and challenges related to how we move, including those related to walking, biking, driving, and riding public transit. Input received during this phase of the planning process will help identify future projects and strategies that will be included in the plan.


What We Value

Starting this winter, we will be discussing what we want our region to be by 2045. By discussing values we can establish an overall vision for the region and identify strategies that will assist in achieving that vision. Utilizing information collected, we will further refine and establish priorities that will impact policies and future investment to the transportation network.

What Matters to You?

Over the next year, MACOG will be engaging residents in the region to gather input which will shape the Michiana on the Move: 2045 Transportation Plan. Outreach will include short surveys, workshops, pop-up events and other engagement activities; providing numerous opportunities to participate. We want to know what matters to you in order to ensure that this plan reflects the values, goals, and vision of the people in the region.





How should we invest in future transportation priorities?


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